Billy Mays Is Everywhere

Billy Mays Is Everywhere!

Billy Mays For President

Billy Mays Is Everywhere

Good for Billy and good for the industry because Billy is a great guy and projects a good image for our industry. Billy has become his own brand and we wonder what type of brand elasticity Billy Mays has.

As we all know when something is a fad or becomes trendy they tend to go the way of Arthur Fonzarelli in his now infamous Happy Day’s episode, you remember the one where he had to “jump the shark” to clad only in shorts and his trademark leather jacket.

Here is what got me thinking about this, yesterday I was at lunch at my favorite Pho place listening to the radio and I hear a commercial for a fast food place that is very popular here in Texas. The spot is a mock Billy Mays voice that says something to the affect of “why am I yelling…I don’t know it is just what I do!”
Fonzie Jumps the Shark

The commercial was funny, and unfortunately what made it funny was the parody and humorous writing all of which I might add, was at the expense of Billy Mays.

We like Billy, and hope to see and hear him on our TV and websites for years to come and to answer our own question, we do not think Billy has jumped the shark but we hope that he is thinking long-term about the Billy Brand. Billy Beer anyone?


  • Jim Warren

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