Dilbert says it’s too early for an infomercial?

Dilbert joins the infomercial producers association?

Even Dilbert knows you can’t just “throw something against the screen and expect it to work”. Over the years I have been surprised by what works and what doesn’t.

One key finding is that all successful infomercials follow the same rule of thumb. Hook, CTA, USP and Offer. Each of these should be strategic in nature and collectively work together to deliver the maximum return on your marketing investment.


  • Jim Warren

    Jim Warren began his professional career in the television and production industry working in Southern California where he discovered that he had a natural sales talent. Combining this talent with his love of film and video production, he built (and eventually sold) the largest infomercial production company of its day. Jim learned how the direct-response industry is an effective training ground for an analytical thinker who loves measured marketing and business metrics. With today’s focus on accountable marketing and online media, those lessons provided him with the advanced insight and skills needed for today’s online metric-driven business model. Connect with Jim Warren on LinkedIn

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