Direct Response Marketing is More Alive than Ever!

According to PWC, advertising on the web just surpassed advertising on television. This year, paid social advertising spending will hit an all time high, at a forecasted $10 billion, a whopping 31% increase from 2014. With stakes like these, the pressure is on for CMOs and digital marketers to go beyond “likes” and start demonstrating real impact. Much like direct response television, “smart” online advertising makes it possible to follow the lead, call, or click through to the sale or appointment. Make sure you know what your online spend is generating.  Unfortunately, a lot of the agencies and aggregators don’t have the ability to keep tabs on leads through the sales cycle, the good news is the great ones do.  Don’t settle for anything less than full accountability for your online buys.  


  • Jim Warren

    Jim Warren began his professional career in the television and production industry working in Southern California where he discovered that he had a natural sales talent. Combining this talent with his love of film and video production, he built (and eventually sold) the largest infomercial production company of its day. Jim learned how the direct-response industry is an effective training ground for an analytical thinker who loves measured marketing and business metrics. With today’s focus on accountable marketing and online media, those lessons provided him with the advanced insight and skills needed for today’s online metric-driven business model. Connect with Jim Warren on LinkedIn