Direct Response: New And Improved!

On New Year’s Day 2006, one of the largest advertising campaigns in the history of television broke nationwide. The “Your World, Delivered” campaign for SBC’s re-launch of the AT&T brand had been tantalizingly previewed in the Dec. 29 New York Times and in many other media outlets, both online and off. The ubiquity of the preview demonstrated a very successful use of public relations. The Times, giving considerable space to its preview, correctly noted that the creative and media were done by GSD&M, Omnicom’s venerable full-service agency in Austin and the long-time Southern Bell shop. 

What the Times did not mention was perhaps an even more important reflection of today’s advertising reality. This was not a traditional brand re-launch or brand building media buy. A substantial portion of the creative included a call to action. A substantial portion of the media was bought as direct response.