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  • Marketo’s March releases: A manager’s guide

    Marketo’s March releases: A manager’s guide

    Dynamic Chat is at the forefront of Marketo’s March 2023 releases. From minor updates like the introduction of roles and permissions to more major updates like adding inferred attributes, Adobe continues refining Dynamic Chat (see past updates here). There were quite a few enhancements to the landing page UX — with the biggest callout being the removal of the toggle switch (in other words, the Classic Experience will no longer be available).  Leverage inferred attributes in operational programs Many businesses rely on inferred attributes to identify when GDPR or CCPA compliance is required. Inferred attributes allow you to remove fields on forms and can reduce friction, yet there are downsides.  Inferred attributes aren’t able to accurately capture VPN data. Some legal teams may prefer keeping these fields on forms to avoid any compliance issues. Why we care: Even if the best practice for data governance policies is to request the country of new people acquired, plenty of companies still rely on inferred data to trigger processes (lead assignment, consent management, etc.). If your company uses that data for any operational program, inbound leads from Dynamic Chat would be included in the operational programs. Roles and permissions enhance security and control Roles and permissions were added to Dynamic Chat, enabling admins to limit functionality based on selected user types.  It sounds trivial, but controlling your team’s roles and permissions is undervalued. Many organizations experience issues resulting from team members having too much or too little access.  Why we care: Security starts with providing the right access to the right people. Permissions can often be neglected, so this is a great step toward security and control. Allowing admins to assign roles provides a layer of security while still enabling your team to view past chats and data records. Unlock the ROI of Dynamic Chat through enhanced reporting Like Email or Engagement Programs, users can select a “Dynamic Chat” program that allows them to track the success and performance of their Dynamic Chat dialogue. Reporting on the success of Dynamic Chat, in addition to that of other marketing programs, gives users a more comprehensive view of their marketing activities. In addition, users will be able to better gauge the ROI of Dynamic Chat to their business. Nine additional languages are now supported  Dynamic Chat users can choose from nine additional languages to display static chat content: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.  Marketo sunsetting Classic Experience on landing pages  Classic Experience on landing pages is being sunset. The new experience offers increased functionality without toggling between the two views, offering a more seamless and integrated experience.  Why we care: The new UX provides enhanced details for individual assets, particularly the versioning of the asset. This provides a clear ability to view the current live and approved assets while working on an update in a draft version. Users will also have the ability to see in one view key information and settings about each version of the asset (approved vs. draft).  In addition, the “Used By” tab was enhanced this month. It now lists all assets using a particular landing page template or form template.  Asset lists in Marketo instances that use landing page templates and global forms for all assets can be long and tedious. The ability to sort assets quickly can speed up an audit or troubleshooting process. View the complete set of March 2023 Marketo Release Notes here. This article is presented through a partnership between MarTech and Perkuto + MERGE, a marketing operations consultancy.

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  • Email creation platform Stensul expands its offering to landing pages

    Email creation platform Stensul expands its offering to landing pages

    Stensul, the platform that promotes rapid and collaborative creation of emails, has announced that it will now support similar processes for landing pages. The Stensul Landing Page Builder is now available within the Stensul Creation Platform. This is part of a strategic expansion of Stensul’s capabilities into assets other than emails. The Builder is based on templates and no-code modules allowing non-technical staff to collaborate on landing page creation. Stensul is emphasizing that this is not a repurposed email creation tool but a separate solution. Why we care. The trend is for vendors who built their business on offering solutions for niche parts of the customer experience to seek its broader application. We have already seen vendors offering sophisticated email content capabilities pivot to offering those capabilities to experiences beyond email. Stensul’s territory is creation rather than content, but it makes sense that the Stensul platform would look to support creation and collaboration in other areas. This reflects, of course, the need for marketers to think and strategize across multiple channels rather than one, no matter how important the email channel might be. Dig deeper: Stensul is first email creation platform to integrate with Pardot Marketo Engage integration. Stensul’s email creation capabilities have for some time been integrated with Adobe Marketo. It’s now announcing an API that will allow users within Stensul to embed Marketo forms in landing pages and upload the HTML to Marketo Marketing Activities with a single click.

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