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  • Automation in Automotive: Getting connected customer journeys right 

    As consumers we can all agree that a huge percentage of our purchases, from clothes, and all manner of gifts and homeware are confidently bought online. We know what to expect, the purchasing journey is so ingrained, a series of micro-transactions that happen with us barely even noticing, unless of course, something goes wrong (we’ll…

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  • Invest in the Growth You Want: The importance of customer data platforms

    Just when we all thought we had got past what was for most, the hardest thing we’ve ever had to endure – The Covid Pandemic, we are now faced with further global disrupters consisting of the cost-of-living crisis, fuel shortages, political unrest, and war.    Are we staring down the barrel of a lengthy recession? How…

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  • Biz2Credit Put Their CRM to Work in a Full-Funnel TV Strategy with MNTN

    Biz2Credit Put Their CRM to Work in a Full-Funnel TV Strategy with MNTN

    Biz2Credit took full advantage of Performance TV’s capabilities to address the full funnel. First, they started with a prospecting campaign. Using Oracle Data Cloud audiences, which are fully integrated with Performance TV’s audience builder, they targeted small business owners to generate demand for their business financing. Biz2Credit also already had access to a very important…

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  • Report: Why the Hospitality Sector Must Focus on Personalisation

    Edit are pleased to reveal our latest report, which focuses on the challenges faced by the marketing sector and how a data-lead approach which focuses on personalisation can help solve them. The Price of Admission: Why the hospitality sector must focus on personalisation has been produced in collaboration with Microsoft and Kin + Carta and…

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  • On the Road & Online – Customer Journeys & Connected Cars

    Connected vehicles and smart devices are now part of our everyday lives, and with that comes the generation of large amounts of personal data of significant value to first-party collectors and third parties. In our latest blog, Edit’s Executive Director for Partnerships, Innovation & Privacy, J Cromack, looks at how this data be harnessed appropriately…

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