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  • Creating a Clear and Concise Product Description

    Creating a Clear and Concise Product Description

    We know how important that perfect product description is when you submit an idea. At Edison Nation, we are successful when our innovators are successful. We want to give you tips and tricks to present your invention idea and give it its best chance at success. Let’s kick it off with crafting the perfect idea description. So you have a great idea, you’ve done your prior art search and market analysis to confirm demand for your product, now you’re ready to put the pieces together in a beautiful package, your Description. Let’s start with your invention idea. It’s your baby, and you know it better than anyone else. You want to ensure that anyone who evaluates it has a full understanding of the idea. But, at the same time, you do not want to be so verbose that the audience gets lost in the details. The trick is to strike that delicate balance of providing a concise understanding. Traditionally, ideas that succeed are ideas that can be remembered. Unfortunately, many ideas are not successful because they haven’t been described in a way that makes it easy to be adopted and understood by others. HINT #1: If you are submitting your idea to Edison Nation, you do NOT need to complete the submission form in one sitting. If you want to perfect your submission, take your time, entering placeholder wording in all required fields and save it as a draft until you’re ready to come back to it. You can access your draft ideas by logging into Edison Nation, clicking on Ideas from your Dashboard, and clicking “Edit.” To be able to effectively present/pitch your idea, you must do so in such clear and simple terms that if you were to introduce yourself and your concept to someone, when you walk away, that person you were speaking to can turn to another person and say, “I just met ______, they have invented ________.” One of the best suggestions we have seen to test if your idea is able to be shared is to share it with an eight-year-old child. If, in an hour, they can describe it correctly, then you have found a way to make your idea easy to remember. Your description should be: Short (just because we allow you 500 words in the field does not mean the entire field needs to be filled) Simple (no jargon) Clear (even if you describe it to someone not in the category they’ll be able to imagine what you mean) Eight-Year-Old Proof While you are not pitching your idea to a consumer when you submit to Edison Nation, take into consideration the needs of your audience – the Edison Nation Review Team. We need to be able to gain a clear understanding of the idea to determine not only what it is, but if it is something we can license to a potential partner. If we DO determine that the product is something that we can pitch to a partner, we need to be able to translate your description quickly and clearly into our pitching materials. HINT #2: If you find the need to edit your submission once it has been opted into a search, you can do so by logging into your Edison Nation account and clicking on “Submissions. You will then be taken to a list of all your submitted ideas. Click on the idea title you’d like to update and then click “Edit” to re-open the submission form. Two reminders when editing an idea: Be sure to SAVE YOUR WORK. Be sure to UPDATE YOUR TITLEindicating what new information has been added and the date of the update. First impressions are important – remember, once you click “Submit’, the clock starts. The Edison Nation Review team starts reviewing ideas within 24-48 business hours. Due to the large amount of ideas we receive daily, we do not have time to reach out to you to get clarification on your Description. Be sure to put your best work forward! While you do have the ability to edit your ideas once they have been submitted, it is always better to clear the first time. Be sure your submitted idea is as complete as possible. We hope this information helps YOU with your next idea! Happy Inventing! ”We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves, all at no risk to you.” Blog content credit to Michelle and taken from blog posted July 12, 2016 WRITTEN BY Casey Carroll

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  • Everyday Edisons Coming Soon!

    Everyday Edisons Coming Soon!

    Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison! On February 11, 1983, Edison’s birthday was designated National Inventor’s Day in recognition of the inventor’s profound impact on the world of invention. Not only was Edison responsible for paradigm-shifting products such as the phonograph and the light bulb, but he also revolutionized our perception of inventors themselves. Rather than fulfilling the stereotype of the solitary genius toiling away in his lab, Edison championed teamwork and collaboration. By filling his laboratory and machine shop at Menlo Park, NJ, with talented designers and production workers, he was able to create and adapt his products in ways he never could have achieved alone. He also had a prescient understanding of the importance of marketing, branding his products with his name, likeness, and signature. Our big announcement In celebration of one of the greatest inventors—a visionary with marketing savvy that put him ahead of his time—Edison Nation has a major announcement. The innovator platform is elated to reveal that the reboot of its Emmy Award–winning show Everyday Edisons will air on Crackle this March! The new season of Everyday Edisons, featuring the ideas of 24 new inventors, will air on Crackle in March! The original series, which aired for four seasons on PBS beginning in 2006, chronicled the journeys of first-time inventors as they brought their products to market. Viewers rooted for their favorite inventor throughout the episodes, learning the identity of the winner at the season’s end. Attracting a wide viewership, the series launched 30 products into major retailers. The show’s triumphant return will capture the same magic of the original, but with a new format, new inventors, and new judges! The new series In the relaunched series, each episode will feature three inventors competing to have their idea selected by a panel of leading innovators. The winner of each episode will receive $5,000. The new season will provide an even greater level of mentorship and education to contestants and viewers than the previous series. Lead judges for the new season will be Chris Ferguson, CEO of Edison Nation, Louis Foreman, entrepreneur and original series co-creator, and Kelly Bagla, CEO of Go Legal Yourself. Episodes will also feature guest judges such as mompreneur Lily Winnail, “Inventor Coach” Brian Fried, serial entrepreneur Tiffany Norwood, serial inventor and founder of DudeRobe (as seen on Shark Tank) Howie Busch, and strategic consultant Fred Cary. An inventor pitches her product to the judges. Each show’s panel includes lead judges Chris Ferguson, Louis Foreman, and Kelly Bagla, as well as one guest judge (here, Brian Fried). Produced by 23-time Emmy Award winner Michael Cable, who co-created and hosted the original series. Also returning is supervising producer Larry DeLeon, whose career of over 30 years includes production work for prestigious outlets including ABC, HBO, and The Disney Channel. We’ve also got something great to tide you over while you wait for the new season: season 4 of Everyday Edisons is now available to stream for free at crackle.com! Get ready for the March premiere of the new season of Everyday Edisons! Download the CRACKLE app for free on all your devices or visit crackle.com for more info. Also, check-out the new EverydayEdisons.com! WRITTEN BY Emily Dings

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  • Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Inventors

    Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Inventors

    Happy New Year from Edison Nation! It’s a new year and a new decade, and there’s no limit to what you may achieve! Although we aren’t yet traveling in flying cars or sharing our homes with robot butlers, which some predicted would have happened by now, the world is undoubtedly a different place than it was 50 or even 10 years ago. Rapid advancements in production, logistics, and information technology have created a fertile ground for invention in the 21st century. It’s a great time to be an innovator! In 2020, we don’t yet have robot butlers, as some predicted (although we do have robot vacuums!) To help you get the most out of this exciting moment—flying cars or no—we’ve come up with a top 10 list of inventor resolutions that will help your ideas soar in 2020. 10. Get organized. While it’s a popular stereotype that successful inventors are absent-minded professor types, having your act together is actually key to success. Particularly if you’re a sole proprietor, you’ll be responsible for making sure all your paperwork is complete and up to date as you complete each step toward getting to market. You’ll also want to keep notes on your workshop successes and failures as you develop your project—don’t depend on your memory to retain all the details. For many, an inventor’s notebook is an indispensable tool.   9. Prioritize. Sadly, we all have limited time and attention—we simply can’t do it all, as much as we try. Multitasking, once considered a great way to get a lot done, is more and more being viewed as inhibiting productivity. When developing your invention, stay focused on the research and experimentation that actually serve you, and tune out the rest. This may occasionally require shifting gears, which brings us to number 8. 8. Consider new avenues for inspiration. If you find yourself in a rut, change things up. While it’s important to maintain steady work habits, doing things exactly the same way each time can lead to a feeling of stagnation. You know how when you stop looking for that item you lost, it suddenly turns up? It’s like that. Shift your focus or try out a new routine, and you’re likely to find that your ideas begin flowing again.   7. Perfect your WOW statement. As we noted in a previous post, the classic elevator pitch is losing ground to the more succinct and engaging WOW statement. This brief pitch piques your conversation partner’s interest without overwhelming them with information, and the process of crafting it will help you clarify what makes your product unique. Let 2020 be the year you perfect your WOW statement! 6. Remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many successful inventions are actually tweaks on products that already exist, so don’t be too concerned with making something completely novel. Inventions from the cotton gin to the television employed the accumulated work of several inventors to reach their optimal state. 5. Don’t fear failure. As Thomas Edison himself acknowledged many times, failures are just steps on the path to eventual success. Learn from them. Edison said it best: “I can never find the things that work best until I know the things that don’t work.” 4. Find your market. The importance of knowing your target market can’t be overstated. No matter how novel your idea, the likelihood is that only a small percentage of the overall population is likely to buy it. Conduct target research to find your audience, then see what products similar to yours already exist for that audience. With some exceptions, the sweet spot for an invention is having a small number of competitors. 3. Engage with your community. As Edison knew well, success doesn’t occur in a vacuum, but as the result of many minds coming together as they did in his Menlo Park research laboratory. Reach out to your mentors and other inventors for advice and information, as well as to celebrate joys and recover from disappointments. Attend conferences and trade shows, and participate in online communities such as the Edison Nation forums. By linking up with other innovators, you’ll meet benchmarks faster and have a richer journey as you do so. 2. Persist, persist, persist. As you’ve likely already discovered, the road to market is rarely obstacle free. As mentioned in resolution 5, failure is an inevitable component of success. When you hit a roadblock, take a minute to recover and then get right back to it. And if you’re feeling discouraged, check in with some Edison Nation members for motivation! Mark your calendar for the premiere of Everyday Edisons, February 11, 2020! Premiering on National Inventor’s Day, February 11, 2020, the inspirational series about inventing is back and better than ever. You’ll see talented inventors compete to have their product supported by Edison Nation, receiving mentorship from successful entrepreneurs along the way. The rebooted series will have a special focus on education, so you’ll learn about everything from prototypes to patents alongside the contestants. Perhaps you’ll even be inspired to try out to be one of next season’s Everyday Edisons!    How do you plan to make your 2020 a success? Let us know in the comments. WRITTEN BY Emily Dings

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  • Now Filming . . . Everyday Edisons!

    Now Filming . . . Everyday Edisons!

    This post has been updated as of February 11, 2020. Are you ready for the return of Everyday Edisons? The fabulous Everyday Edisons cast and crew have been hard at work this week filming the series at the Edison Nation headquarters in Charlotte! The rebooted series will begin streaming in March 2020 on Crackle! Everyday Edisons is filming this week in Charlotte, NC! The Emmy and Telly Award­–Winning inspirational reality TV series originally aired in 2006 for four seasons on PBS. The show chronicled the journeys of first-time inventors as they brought their products to market, and viewers rooted for their favorite inventor throughout the episodes, learning the identity of the winner at the season’s end. Attracting a nationwide viewership of 125,000, the popular series launched 30 products into major retailers, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Babies”R”Us, Toys“R”Us, CVS, Dicks Sporting Goods, PetSmart, Walgreens and Walmart. In the relaunched series, each episode will feature three inventors competing to have their idea selected by a panel of leading innovators for development by Edison Nation. Panelists will include lead judges Louis Foreman (Eventys Stystems), Chris Ferguson (Edison Nation), and Kelly Bagla (Go Legal Yourself) as well as guest panelists Tiffany Norwood (Tribetan) and Brian Fried (Inventor Coach). The Everyday Edisons crew hard at work Incorporating segments featuring the triumphs of successful inventors, episodes will rekindle the excitement of the original series while providing a new level of mentorship to contestants and viewers. The new Everyday Edisons will be produced by 23-time Emmy Award winner Michael Cable, co-creator, head writer, and host of the original series. We at Edison Nation can’t wait to see what remarkable products the new Everyday Edisons will have in store. Stay tuned for the official March release date to discover more extraordinary ideas from ordinary people! WRITTEN BY Emily Dings

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