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  • Everyday Edisons Coming Soon!

    Everyday Edisons Coming Soon!

    Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison! On February 11, 1983, Edison’s birthday was designated National Inventor’s Day in recognition of the inventor’s profound impact on the world of invention. Not only was Edison responsible for paradigm-shifting products such as the phonograph and the light bulb, but he also revolutionized our perception of inventors themselves. Rather than fulfilling the stereotype of the solitary genius toiling away in his lab, Edison championed teamwork and collaboration. By filling his laboratory and machine shop at Menlo Park, NJ, with talented designers and production workers, he was able to create and adapt his products in ways he never could have achieved alone. He also had a prescient understanding of the importance of marketing, branding his products with his name, likeness, and signature. Our big announcement In celebration of one of the greatest inventors—a visionary with marketing savvy that put him ahead of his time—Edison Nation has a major announcement. The innovator platform is elated to reveal that the reboot of its Emmy Award–winning show Everyday Edisons will air on Crackle this March! The new season of Everyday Edisons, featuring the ideas of 24 new inventors, will air on Crackle in March! The original series, which aired for four seasons on PBS beginning in 2006, chronicled the journeys of first-time inventors as they brought their products to market. Viewers rooted for their favorite inventor throughout the episodes, learning the identity of the winner at the season’s end. Attracting a wide viewership, the series launched 30 products into major retailers. The show’s triumphant return will capture the same magic of the original, but with a new format, new inventors, and new judges! The new series In the relaunched series, each episode will feature three inventors competing to have their idea selected by a panel of leading innovators. The winner of each episode will receive $5,000. The new season will provide an even greater level of mentorship and education to contestants and viewers than the previous series. Lead judges for the new season will be Chris Ferguson, CEO of Edison Nation, Louis Foreman, entrepreneur and original series co-creator, and Kelly Bagla, CEO of Go Legal Yourself. Episodes will also feature guest judges such as mompreneur Lily Winnail, “Inventor Coach” Brian Fried, serial entrepreneur Tiffany Norwood, serial inventor and founder of DudeRobe (as seen on Shark Tank) Howie Busch, and strategic consultant Fred Cary. An inventor pitches her product to the judges. Each show’s panel includes lead judges Chris Ferguson, Louis Foreman, and Kelly Bagla, as well as one guest judge (here, Brian Fried). Produced by 23-time Emmy Award winner Michael Cable, who co-created and hosted the original series. Also returning is supervising producer Larry DeLeon, whose career of over 30 years includes production work for prestigious outlets including ABC, HBO, and The Disney Channel. We’ve also got something great to tide you over while you wait for the new season: season 4 of Everyday Edisons is now available to stream for free at crackle.com! Get ready for the March premiere of the new season of Everyday Edisons! Download the CRACKLE app for free on all your devices or visit crackle.com for more info. Also, check-out the new EverydayEdisons.com! WRITTEN BY Emily Dings

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