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  • Testimonial DEIJIDESIGN

    Testimonial DEIJIDESIGN

    January 30th, 2023 Lisa Vrancken VP Business Development AS SEEN ON TV With Kevin Harrington Thank you to the entire Shark Discoveries company from the production team to the producers for an amazing experience for DEIJIDESIGN. We could not have done this without you. You have brought significant value to our brand. There are so many ways to describe the professionalism of your team. It starts with each team member being patient and professional following up regarding our needs to ensure every aspect of the commercial went smoothly. The assets, resources, and care that were provided to make the campaign successful are invaluable. I owe my gratitude to the entire Shark Discoveries organization. It was greatly appreciated during the allotted time. Shark Discoveries worked diligently to get the job done in a timely manner. The entire team whom we interacted with, was so on point and easy to work with. It is truly a blessing to be working with an incredible team and company such as AS SEEN ON TV. The doors that you have opened are impactful to DEIJIDESIGN. Thank you for your amazing energy, counsel, and business acumen. I look forward to a long term and prosperous relationship with Shark Discoveries. Riva Wilkins President DEIJIDESIGN

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  • Testimonial Seraphic Skincare

    Testimonial Seraphic Skincare

    Dear Shark Tank Team, A huge ‘thank you for the incredible opportunity this has been to work with you! Not surprisingly, I was beyond ecstatic to have received a call from the offices of Kevin Harrington regarding the potential partnership for 30-second and 60-second commercials about Seraphic Skincare. I had to pinch myself because it seemed just too good to be true! Like any small business owner, I was initially hesitant of the associated risks with this investment, but after careful consideration, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance — and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to accept the offer! In hindsight, the cost was a drop in the bucket in exchange for the evergreen rewards of working with Shark Discoveries. Having full rights to the commercials has allowed my team to use them on our website, social media, YouTube channel, and other platforms to continue capitalizing on this one-time investment. Truth be told, I was in flat-out awe with the process from start to finish. Each and every person and department I was connected with was incredibly professional, creative, supportive, punctual, detail-oriented, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Make no mistake — outside of this opportunity, to write, produce, and air similar commercials would have been extremely time-consuming and expensive. This is a team of well-oiled industry experts who reach down and pull up small businesses by the hand. The results from working with everyone at Shark Uiscovenes have been so amazing that l’ve already partnered with them for future projects! I’d like to give a special shout-out to Lisa — thank you so much for your continued support outside of this production. Your authenticity, passion to make genuine connections, and ability to offer a vision beyond my own scope has made me so incredibly grateful to have met you. The input and direction you’ve given me for the business has already pushed Seraphic Skincare to new levels. I’ve taken so much of your guidance to heart, and anyone with the opportunity to talk with you will be better for it! I can’t wait for the Innovator’s Think Tank event and prospect of meeting Kevin Harrington In person! Thank you all for propelling Seraphic Skincare to incredible heights in our ongoing effort to help people around the world achieve skin they can feel confident in. Very gratefully,Nikki Tingle Founder/CEO of Seraphic Skincare

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  • Testimonial Evin Skincare Rx

    Testimonial Evin Skincare Rx

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to produce and film our commercial. From start to finish, the team has been superb and concerned with the details of creating a professional product. Having Mr. Harrington introduce and endorse your brand is priceless! I remember receiving the initial call and could not believe it. Mr. Kevin Harrington’s organization is actually reaching out to work with our company. Well please believe it and do not let this opportunity pass you and your company by. This is not just a commercial, but an opportunity that will allow you to work with a knowledgeable organization as it relates to marketing and beyond. Since the release of the commercial, I have noticed several benefits. Initially, there has been an increase in traffic to our website. We still have additional plays available and anticipate a positive outcome as a result. When building a brand, this visibility is a necessary step for growth. Another benefit is that I have also been a featured guest on a Facebook chat and introduced to other organizations to be featured on their podcast.In closing, the relationships and connections have meant the world to me and I am grateful that I decided to partner with Shark Discoveries! Sincerely,Tasha B. Dickerson, MD CEO/Founder EVIN SKINCARE Rx

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  • Testimonial Clean Beauty & Wellness

    Testimonial Clean Beauty & Wellness

    Dear Shark Discoveries Team,I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some feedback regarding our experience, so far, with Shark Discoveries. When we were approached, initially, we were not sure what to expect. As I’m sure you know, there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there, anxious to separate a fledgling company from their dollars. We went in slowly, concerned about squandering the limited funds that a start-up, such as ours, could not afford to waste. From the very beginning, back in mid-2021, our interaction with Shark Discoveries has been very rewarding. We found everyone to be highly professional and committed to the success of our company. Even Kevin took a personal interest, providing valuable feedback and terrific insights. And particularly you, Lisa, have on multiple occasions, jumped in to assist us in various issues that were challenging us. We are very pleased with the way the TV spot, created by your production team, has turned out and are really looking forward to leveraging the airings. But in the interim, it lives on our website and YouTube channel and gives our company credibility with Kevin’s strategic partnership. In March, we were thrilled to be asked to present at the Innovators Think Tank and left the event feeling inspired after meeting with a great many very impressive professionals from various sectors. Rather than entering a business relationship we feel, instead, like we are now a part of an exclusive professional community. Thank you again and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Sincerely,Susan McMenaminFounder, Clean Beauty & Wellness

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  • Testimonial MESOLYFT

    Testimonial MESOLYFT

    To the Shark Discoveries Team, Thank you, for a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end! I’m so impressed with the professionalism and warmth of the organization. I’d like to give a special thanks to Lisa Vrancken for being very resourceful on a quest to help your business grow. The Shark Discoveries team energy and connections alone make this investment worthwhile. The Production department is very well organized and is good at communicating. While shooting a commercial with Kevin Harrington, the original Shark, you get very clear instructions and management of expectations of what is coming next and when. Shooting the commercial itself was a breeze and a fun experience and the impact of being affiliated with the Shark brand is tremendous. I’ve been able to leverage my video assets, secure additional PR through Shark Discoveries and we’re currently exploring retail opportunities. All I can say is, that’s some good marketing! With gratitude,Masha AmelinaFounder/CEOMESOLYFT

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