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  • Zeam: Turning Hyperlocal Streaming into Profits

    Since launching a major marketing branding campaign on Super Bowl Sunday this year, the local streaming service Zeam has spent the first half of 2024 working to spur the development of more hyperlocal content by deploying new technologies that aim to make it easier and more profitable for local broadcasters to offer new streaming content. Those…

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  • Top 5 Media Landscape Insights- July

    Top 5 Media Landscape Insights- July

    Stay on top of today’s constantly changing media environment with DirectAvenue’s Top 5 Insights. We give you specific network updates and emerging media trends in a digestible format.July 1, 2024Disney Launches ‘Advergames’ On Hulu, ESPN- Disney is launching two new gamified advertising products on its streaming services, Hulu and ESPN, aiming to “push the limits…

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  • Lionsgate Selects Amagi for FAST Playout and Delivery

    NEW YORK—Amagi has announced that Lionsgate has chosen Amagi to be its partner for FAST playout and deliveries globally. Lionsgate made the decision after rigorous testing of multiple vendors. As a result of the deal, Lionsgate will use Amagi’s cutting-edge cloud technology to scale Lionsgate’s content delivery capabilities globally and enable the rapid launch of new…

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  • Survey: Many Consumers Don’t Mind AI-Generated Ads

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—As more broadcasters and media companies embrace tools for AI-generated ads, a new survey provides some important insights into how consumers might responds to those ads with a finding that nearly half (49%) stated they do not care whether an ad was made using AI or traditional methods as long as it looks…

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  • Yahoo Launches New Data Partnership with VideoAmp

    NEW YORK—Yahoo Advertising has announced that the Yahoo DSP has become the first platform to integrate measurement and audience data from TV data and technology provider  VideoAmp. As part of the agreement, Yahoo ConnectID, the Yahoo DSP cookieless identifier is being integrated with VideoAmp’s big data and tech engine VALID (VideoAmp Linked Identity & Data). That…

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