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  • Top 20 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2022

    Top 20 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2022

    Another year, another Super Bowl, and another review of the Super Bowl commercials. The Super Bowl is no longer just a football match. It’s a festival with amazing commercials that have become an event on their own. As a matter of fact, some people watch the super bowl solely for the commercials! So, whether you want to watch the battle of two great teams or the extravagant halftime show, you cannot forget about the commercials. Here are the top 20 Super Bowl commercials of 2022.  It’s the old age question with Pringles: What do you do when you get your hand stuck in a Pringles tube? You’ll find the answer in Pringle’s hysterical 30-sec commercial about a guy who has to live with his hand in a tube for the rest of his life. It’s even more impressive because Pringles has broken with its tradition of not including celebrities in the ad. [embedded content] We all love Larry David because of his pessimistic character doubting everything from the United State’s independence to putting a man on the moon. This Super Bowl commercial alludes to Larry David’s complete surprise rejection of the FTX app. That’s great because when Larry turns his nose up at something, it’s bound to be a glaring success and it was a pleasure to have him appear in the Super Bowl Commercials of 2022. [embedded content] Chevrolet picked the perfect time to pay a moving tribute to The Sopranos. We all remember Tony’s famous 1999 ride to New Jersey in a Chevrolet Suburban. But now, in 2022, it was Meadow Soprano (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) in an electric Chevy Silverado, which marked a new decade for the Sopranos and Chevrolet. The show’s classic theme song, “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3, only adds to the sentiments.  [embedded content] Sometimes it’s a blessing that we’re not aware of people’s inner thoughts. When you see Alexa reading the mind of celebrity couple Colin Jost & Scarlette Johansson, that’s over. The hilarious ad shows the couple waking up in bed together and Alexa setting a reminder to buy mouthwash. You can also see Alexa arranging for Colin to fake his death to get out of Scarlette’s play.     [embedded content] Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan have starred in many hit comedies over the years, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The Lays ad was another chance for the two to rekindle the magic by taking a walk down memory lane and reminiscing about their PG-rated bromance when Lays came to their rescue.  [embedded content] This one is for all who love Terry Tate: Office Linebacker Commercial series. Here, you can see Jerod Mayo tackle the issue of food waste one person at a time. The commercial features the popular linebacker tackling food wasters, including Pete Davidson, onto the ground as punishment for wasting food. [embedded content] Unlike the Pringle ad, this one has no shortage of superstar athletes like Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler, Alex Morgan, and of course, Serena Williams. With all these stars, running themes from The Big Lebowski and ELO soundtrack have all the Super Bowl qualities you need for this classic beer. [embedded content] Irish Spring has taken a creative spin on Ari Aster’s horrific cult in Midsommar. Here, instead of burning a man alive, a cult immerses a stinky man into a bath while a white rabbit shouts, “Cast thy smell away”. Thanks to the magic of classic soap, a refreshed, dapper man in a white turtleneck emerges from the tub. That’s everyone’s go-to cult.  [embedded content] If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in Guy Fieri’s dreamland, this Bud light Super Bowl commercial for the new Hard Soda is your answer. You can see three Super Bowl fans edging close towards oblivion in the wondrous Land of Loud Flavors. It’s basically heaven for junk food lovers, and Fieri is in charge of the whole thing. [embedded content] It’s hard to describe how it feels to see Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart in a BIC lighters Super Bowl ad. The odd couple shines with Snoop in a puff of smoke and Martha lighting up a turkey! The ad continues hilariously with the two passing the “bowl” (cranberry, of course) and hinting at a smell that’s apparently fondue. [embedded content] Narrated by André 3000 and directed by Edgar Wright, this Squarespace ad is one of the wholesome of the bunch. In her first-ever Super Bowl ad, Zendaya portrayed the much-loved Sally, a girl selling Seashells near the beach. When her business falters, it’s a Squarespace site that comes and turns everything around.  [embedded content] It’s not easy to ignore a bunch of ancient Romans hanging out in a parking lot, slicing and dicing some avocados and feeding them to hungry lions. If you need more, you can see the beloved Andy Richter popping up as Caesar and showing his deep love for salads in one of the funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2022. [embedded content] We’ve all seen on TV that littering, especially in nature, is terrible. Well, this Doritos commercial goes the opposite way by showing a fearless explorer dropping bags of flamin’ hots for animals. This happens in a weird habitat where a sloth, a bear, a fox, and a water buffalo live together, beatboxing off the red hot flavor while a small text pops up that says “do not feed to animals”.  [embedded content] For those who’ve long wanted to see the reunion of Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton, this is a commercial to see. The T-Mobile ad shows the fairy godmother and goddaughter star in a wholesome music video for 5G phones, with Dolly saying,” let’s do it for the phones“. Plus, as a gesture of appreciation, T-Mobile has decided to donate $250,000 to Cyrus’s Happy Hippie Foundation.  [embedded content] It was a pleasure for all fans to see Lindsay Lohan back to stardom. The Planet Fitness ad was a light-hearted self-zing for Lohan to leave the past behind. William Shatner’s narration with cameos by Danny Trejo and Dennis Rodman created the perfect chaotic setup for the “What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?” ad. [embedded content] It’s safe to say that with Robo Dog, no one will miss Kia Soul’s rapping hamsters. The commercial sweetly portrays Robo Dog finding his home in a Kia EV6. As usual, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” sets the stage for this legendary story as Robo Dog jumps out through the front door of the electronic store, dodging boxes and cars to finally catches up with the EV6. It’s the classic buddy story of man and dog, only better.  [embedded content] If you’ve never seen clowns run away from a clown academy and find themselves enjoying Taco Bell in a parking lot, you should watch “The Grand Escape” commercial. Here, you can see the “Kiss Me More” singer, Doja Cat, leading the visually stunning escape while covering Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” track. [embedded content] Despite what you may think, it’s never too late for people in the U.S to realize how amazing Hannah Waddingham is. She shines again in the Rakuten Super Bowl ad, portraying a Bond villain who goes all-in with a regular person at poker. [embedded content] Unlike most Super Bowls, which have a comedic, fantasy undertone, this Google Pixel commercial is more serious. The new song “If you Love Me” by Lizzo is a perfect fit for the Pixel 6’s Real Tone camera, which puts BIPOC front and center and perfectly captures her beauty. [embedded content] There are few things wilder than seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Selma Hayek as Zeus and Hera. In the clever BMW Super Bowl ad, the two gods are cruising through retirement in an electric BMW, which can easily be the plot of a comedy movie. [embedded content] Super Bowl Commercials of 2022 – Bottom Line You can argue about some of these selections, but you can not overlook most of them. We enjoyed looking through these funny and wildly creative ads for Super Bowl Commercials of 2022. They are all testaments to the undeniable power of a successful commercial. A funny, creative ad that captivates your audience and shows your brand’s true personality. At GoDRTV, we can create the perfect ad for you to convert your audience into lifetime customers. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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