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  • Synamedia’s 2024 Predictions: AI-Driven Ad Insertion, Greater Personalization, Energy Efficiency

    STAINES-UPON-THAMES, U.K.—Better viewing experiences, more subtle advertising, the slow fading of linear TV and better energy efficiency are among the trends to watch for next year, says Synamedia CTO Marc Baillavoine.Technologists across all industries, including video streaming, will begin using artificial intelligence to transform their operations and the experience of consumers with their companies, says…

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  • For Content Personalization, ‘Taste’ Is All in the Data

    The applications may seem innocuous when they suggest new programs for you to watch, but content personalization/recommendation engines are truly powerful platforms that significantly benefit broadcasters and content distributors.Case in point: ThinkAnalytics produces content personalization engines for Bell Canada, Crunchyroll, Tata, Liberty Global, SkyMexico and BritBox International, among others across 38 countries. Based on its…

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