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  • You Wouldn’t Believe It Could Happen, But It Did…

    What is a producer? A producer is a problem solver. What is an editor? An editor can “fix” the problem the producer couldn’t solve.  You wouldn’t believe it could happen, but it did…  We were filming a Dial A Santa series of commercials. After weeks of casting the “perfect” Santa, he showed up at the shoot very drunk! After 40 takes slurring his words, I was ready to quit when we realized that the big white beard masked his lips. We “fixed it in post” with a synched-up voiceover and a seamless sound mix!  We were filming a tv commercial for solar panels in Palm Springs, California. It was an “El Nino” year and it kept raining. We filmed between torrential downpours. In post-production, we removed the raindrops and turned the grey sky to blue.   We were filming a cubic zirconia earring commercial. The talent agency sent a beautiful model… but she was missing an earlobe. “The dog bit it off when I was a child,” she explained. I asked her, “Why would you try out for an earring commercial?” She answered, “My one earlobe is perfect!” It was and we sold earrings!  When we filmed Jack Lalanne, there was a handsome young twenty-something actor who did not have the stamina to keep up with the 89-year-old fitness icon. Every one of our squeaky prototype machines broke so we couldn’t finish filming all the scenes. Yet the commercial sold hundreds of thousands of machines.   Our dental whitening commercial featured the inventor, a professional dentist. Only after it successfully ran on national TV did we discover he had lost his license. “I didn’t think you were going to show it so many times in so many states.” We re-cut the spot sans doctor… and America enjoyed one of the first TV teeth whiteners!”  Every problem solved leaves us a little better prepared to solve the next problem. A team full of problem solvers and 40 years of problem- solution thinking!  90 East Halsey Rd, Suite 105, Parsippany, NJ,07054 conceptstv.com | jonc@conceptstv.com | 973-331-1500

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