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  • The Convergence of Digital Marketing & TV

    Video and digital marketing has exploded over the past few years. As brands attempt to reach various demographics, video advertising on all video platforms is key to sales. It’s critical for your company to create video assets that perform well on all social media platforms. In the digital world, peers’ recommendations are trusted more than celebrities; user generated testimonials have proven to be extremely effective.    Consumers identify with the real users. User generated testimonials give the consumer honest, unfiltered feedback from peers who share personal experiences and opinions.  The challenge is to create professional video content with a limited budget. If you’re a brand that markets primarily on digital platforms and are planning for a future TV campaign, you may already have great content for a successful TV commercial. User generated content and social media testimonials often convert into perfect assets when launching a TV commercial. Using these sound bites and/or visuals alongside professional video content will add compelling credibility for your audience.  Seamlessly blending these video assets is not an easy task to do. It’s important to have the right team of video producers who understand the requirements of the individual platforms to produce your digital marketing needs.   www.conceptstv.com | 973-331-1500 | jonc@conceptstv.com Concepts Video Productions | 90 East Halsey Road, Suite 105, Parsippany, NJ 07054

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  • Why You Need Professional Video Content

    Everyone has a cell phone that shoots 4k. And maybe you ‘know a guy’ who has followers on TikTok or Instagram. But do they know the 10 steps to creating a DRTV commercial that sells hundreds of thousands of products? Do they have 35+ years of experience? Have they had 69 million hits from a single online posting? Do you want to risk your brand image by filming with a rookie? Why should they learn the art of online video on your dime?  And why would you film social media content (representing your precious brand) with a newbie without proven ROI? Are you really saving money? To what metrics do you compare your results?  A full-service production company and professional director know the importance of the details. Call to action. Prop selection and wardrobe. Size matters. Color matters. Perspective. Location scouting. Talent. Invest in a media production service with experienced content creators, expert photographers and lighting professionals and you’ll get your target ROI.  Online video production should be authentic… user generated content is vitally important for credibility. But never underestimate the value of working with professionals who know how to frame properly for the different digital formats, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.  Your company needs video content – professional video content created by experienced video producers with an award-winning direct-to-consumer track record.  You’ll use that content for social media platforms, packaging, trade shows, websites, retail sales, POPs. Shoot once and re-purpose the content over and over.   The ability to aim and shoot a camera does not make a professional photographer, videographer, or content creator. Only trust the integrity of your brand to the professional video content creators.  90 East Halsey Rd, Suite 105, Parsippany, NJ, 07054  conceptstv.com | jonc@conceptstv.com | 973-331-1500  https://www.linkedin.com/company/concepts-tv-productions/

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