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  • Live Cloud Production Takes Off With Far-Reaching Implications

    The broadcast industry’s accelerating transition to cloud-based production of sports, news and other live programming is proving far more disruptive to the evolution of video services than seemed likely not so long ago.The impact came into dramatic focus at the NAB Show, where the paradigm shift was revealed as the inevitable result of industry-wide adoption…

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  • TV Tech Weekly Product News Wrap-Up

    Busy this week catching up from the Memorial Day holiday? Our TV Tech weekly wrap-up of all our coverage of new products, services and deployments will get you back on top of things. The coverage is listed from the newest on May 31 back to Monday May 28. Vislink Launches New INCAM-GV RF and 5G Transmitters…

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  • Final Pixel Academy, Media Cymru to Offer Free Virtual Production Training

    LONDON—Final Pixel Academy, the virtual production training and education division of Final Pixel, has partnered with Media Cymru and the University of South Wales to deliver a free, first-of-its-kind virtual production training course. Developed in partnership with Media Cymru, the Final Pixel Academy ‘Virtual Productions Essentials Series’ is a carefully curated bespoke Virtual Production intensive week-long…

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  • Final Pixel Announces ‘Content Factory’ Virtual Production Initiative

    LONDON—Final Pixel has announced a new “Content Factory” virtual production initiative and is teaming up with the UK-based virtual production studio, CUBE Studio, to launch the first Content Factory.The Content Factory is designed to be an efficient and accessible virtual production package that provides users with access to a library of virtual backgrounds, camera, lighting,…

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  • How Targeted TV commercials differ

    How Targeted TV commercials differ

    Targeted TV commercials differ from other forms of advertising primarily in their ability to deliver customized messages to specific audiences. Here’s how they differ from other forms of advertising: Targeted TV commercials leverage data analytics and technology to identify specific demographics, behaviors, interests, and preferences of viewers. This allows advertisers to display their commercials only…

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