• Testimonial DEIJIDESIGN

    Testimonial DEIJIDESIGN

    January 30th, 2023 Lisa Vrancken VP Business Development AS SEEN ON TV With Kevin Harrington Thank you to the entire Shark Discoveries company from the production team to the producers for an amazing experience for DEIJIDESIGN. We could not have done this without you. You have brought significant value to our brand. There are so…

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  • Testimonial Seraphic Skincare

    Testimonial Seraphic Skincare

    Dear Shark Tank Team, A huge ‘thank you for the incredible opportunity this has been to work with you! Not surprisingly, I was beyond ecstatic to have received a call from the offices of Kevin Harrington regarding the potential partnership for 30-second and 60-second commercials about Seraphic Skincare. I had to pinch myself because it…

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  • Testimonial Evin Skincare Rx

    Testimonial Evin Skincare Rx

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to produce and film our commercial. From start to finish, the team has been superb and concerned with the details of creating a professional product. Having Mr. Harrington introduce and endorse your brand is priceless! I remember receiving the initial call and could not believe it. Mr. Kevin Harrington’s…

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  • Testimonial Clean Beauty & Wellness

    Testimonial Clean Beauty & Wellness

    Dear Shark Discoveries Team,I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some feedback regarding our experience, so far, with Shark Discoveries. When we were approached, initially, we were not sure what to expect. As I’m sure you know, there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there, anxious to separate a fledgling company from…

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  • Testimonial MESOLYFT

    Testimonial MESOLYFT

    To the Shark Discoveries Team, Thank you, for a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end! I’m so impressed with the professionalism and warmth of the organization. I’d like to give a special thanks to Lisa Vrancken for being very resourceful on a quest to help your business grow. The Shark Discoveries team energy…

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