• Testimonial BEAM Minerals

    Testimonial BEAM Minerals

    Dear Shark Discoveries Team: Our experience with Shark Discoveries and the associated organizations that support their work has been stellar! Without a doubt, Shark Discoveries & As Seen on TV are THE best service organizations I have worked with in my career. Every person we have come into contact with has been of the very highest caliber, with the experience, skill and follow-through necessary to provide great results, The seamless process we were taken through in the development of our video spot was well-designed and well-managed, such that we rarely had to reiterate, and we understood what was happening, how and when, before it happened. We received great consultation along the way and ended up with a video spot that truly represents our brand and delivers a clear On the back end, utilizing your connections with a Public Relations specialist, has given us many additional opportunities to grow our brand. As a successful startup, we have had many experiences of companies, consultants and organizations that promised great results but couldn’t/didn’t deliver on their promises. In some cases, they didn’t listen well, in others their process was loose and poorly managed and in many cases the results were less then was described during the sales pitch. In contrast, Shark Discoveries delivered the goods efficiently, effectively and with great skill. Though we haven’t launched our Shark Discoveries Campaign yet and will be attending a Think Tank event in March of 2022, we feel confident that the continued strategic mentorship from Shark Discoveries, As Seen in TV and the Fortune Media folks will support our business to the next level. Hands down, we give them the highest marks and recommend them and their process to other start-ups. Best wishes and thank you to Shark Discoveries for your mentorship. Caroline Alan, Co-Founder & CEO +1-503-757-4037www.beamminerals.com14739 SE Arista Drive Portland, OR 97267

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  • iSpot Acquires DRMetrix To Bolster DTC, Direct Response Offerings and Addressable Advertising Capabilities

    iSpot Acquires DRMetrix To Bolster DTC, Direct Response Offerings and Addressable Advertising Capabilities

    BELLEVUE — Oct. 11th, 2021 — iSpot.tv, the real-time platform for measuring the business and brand impact of cross-platform TV advertising, today announced the acquisition of DRMetrix, a real-time TV ad measurement company specializing in products for direct-to-consumer and direct-response TV advertisers.  The deal expands iSpot’s measurement of emerging formats for addressable advertising and enhances its ability to track rotating calls-to-actions, including website URLs, SMS and toll-free numbers. This capability — coupled with iSpot’s ability to track distinct creatives at scale and correlate ad exposures to conversion events such as digital actions and in-store traffic — gives brands of all sizes the expanded ability to measure the business impact of complex and dynamic ad buys across platforms.  “iSpot is constantly investing in the development and acquisition of technologies required to accurately measure the TV advertising of tomorrow,” says Sean Muller, founder and CEO of iSpot. “DRMetrix has developed unique and real-time measurement capabilities around creative versioning and dynamic advertising that will become increasingly important as the TV ad market evolves.”  DRMetrix’s AdSphere™ developed a measurement system for monitoring all TV ad formats and executions including those delivered via digital program insertion (DPI) ad breaks. The DPI measurement capabilities allow precise identification of ad creatives that are sold by the cable networks as “cover-ups,” which MVPDs inconsistently overlay with their own inventories.  This inventory, which includes addressable and local advertising, creates a continuous blind spot for networks, agencies and brands. The cover-ups are a favorite means for DTC and DR advertisers to invest in and test television, as they often come at a heavy discount. But both the buy and sell side struggle to accurately quantify the performance and value of this inventory because, until the combination of DRMetrix and iSpot, they could not be measured precisely at scale.  “We developed a unique system for accurately measuring one of the most dynamic and difficult portions of TV advertising, and we amassed a client base that represents a growing and important part of the TV ecosystem,” says Joseph Gray, founder/CEO of DRMetrix. “In iSpot, we’ve found a home for our innovations to thrive and a vehicle to accelerate our shared goals of making all TV ad measurement more transparent, more actionable and easier.” The combined capability will also create cost savings for advertisers that traditionally rely on spike analysis, rotating phone numbers and links as the primary means for attribution. DRMetrix serves 120 brands, networks and agencies, growing iSpot’s customer footprint to more than 450 annual brand subscriptions representing 60%+ of brands in the Ad Age 100 and 95% of TV networks in North America. This is iSpot’s second acquisition of a real-time ad measurement company. It acquired Ace Metrix in January to combine business and brand impact using Ace’s comprehensive qualitative approach to measurement and scoring of creative performance.  About iSpot iSpot.tv is the market leader in real-time cross-platform TV ad measurement and attribution. The company’s always-on platform measures the business impact and brand impact of TV advertising and offers fast, accurate and actionable information that empowers brands to justify and optimize TV and video investments. iSpot persistently measures TV-device impressions and second-by-second attention for all TV ads in a unified manner across linear, time-shifted, VOD and streaming environments. iSpot’s Ace Metrix product measures brand perceptions for TV and video creatives using rapid qualitative panels, and its market-leading attribution solution enables advertisers and TV networks to plan, optimize and transact on business outcomes.  iSpot delivers its solution in real time via intuitive and modern dashboards as well as APIs and customized analytics. iSpot.tv has hundreds of brands and all major TV networks licensing its enterprise solution and has become a trusted currency for both networks and brands. Founded in Bellevue, Washington in 2013, iSpot has offices in major cities across America. Share on social media

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  • DRTV: Past, Present, and Future

    DRTV: Past, Present, and Future

    Let’s not dilly-dally. The definition of DRTV is:Direct Response Television is TV advertising that includes a response trigger, such as an 800 number, a website address, a text message, or a bar code. DRTV exists to generate an immediate response to purchase a product or service.

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