• 2022 MNTN Performance TV Holiday Guide

    2022 MNTN Performance TV Holiday Guide

    In Case of Economic Uncertainty If rough waters are indeed ahead, then you should know how to navigate them. The best thing to do is to look back at times when there was a similar air of uncertainty, and (un)fortunately we have two not-too-distant cases we can examine: the 2008 financial crisis, and the first…

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  • Back to School Guide 2022

    Back to School Guide 2022

    Both Function and Style Saw Strong Returns Retailers and ecommerce portals fared well as shoppers loaded up on the basics of school supplies. And as the schooling experience becomes increasingly digital, those basics now include consumer electronics. An honorable mention goes to brands tailored for aesthetics. Top 5 Return on Ad Spend by Vertical

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  • Summer Guide 2022

    Summer Guide 2022

    Surf (and Performance) is Up For Certain Verticals Brands that let consumers explore the world, stay local for home improvement, or helped them look good doing the things they love saw great return on ad spend. If you find yourself amongst this set, you should be ramping ad spend and taking full advantage of the…

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  • Father’s Day Guide

    Father’s Day Guide

    Active Advertisers Saw Major Returns If your brand helps dads sweat, live a better life, or see the world—Father’s Day is a great time to see some excellent returns. Advertisers who fell into action-oriented verticals tended to see the highest return on their ad spend. Top Return on Ad Spend by Vertical

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  • Mother’s Day Guide

    Mother’s Day Guide

    Strong Returns for Specific Verticals While it was a strong seasonal stretch for many different types of advertisers, some did stand out above the rest. If your brand falls into these categories, you should strongly consider Connected TV advertising—the numbers suggest you would do quite well. Top Return on Ad Spend by Vertical

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