Long Form vs. Short Form Infomercials

A common question among marketers is when and how to use short form and long form. The simple answer: it depends. While a great number of companies use short or long form exclusively to market their products, others have found that a mixture of both formats produces sustainable results.

Let us help you find the right combination.

Long form DRTV infomercial Short form DRTV commercial
Best for products priced $30 and up Best for products under $30
More time to sell and demonstrate product Ability to run more spots
Higher qualified leads More quantity of leads
Higher overall cost, but lower cost per finished minute Costs less to produce overall
Lower cost per minute for media placement More flexibility for placements
Pre-sold prospects mean higher conversion rates with other marketing tactics More frequency boosts awareness, resulting in higher response rates to other marketing tactics
Creates stronger desire and sense of exclusivity. “But wait, there’s more!” More impulsive and urgent. “Call now!”
Better branding tool Stronger response messaging

What Form Should I Use?