How Long Does it Take to Produce an Infomercial?

Production Time

Keep in mind that producing an infomercial is just like producing a half hour movie. It is nearly 30 times longer than a one minute DRTV spot and therefore requires much longer time for planning, scripting and coordination.

A typical long form production takes about 90 days (sometimes up to 120 days). The first 30 days are dedicated to pre-production research and planning which, depending on the format chosen, includes finding real consumer testimonials, developing the unique selling position, scheduling shoots, finding talent and writing the script. Days 30-60 are for production which includes shooting testimonials, the host, product shots, product demos and stories. The last 30 days are often spent in what is commonly referred to as “post.” This is the time spent in the edit bay where 90% of the film that was shot ends up in the trash and the show really starts to come together. Voice overs are also recorded during this period and the critical CTA, or Call To Action, portion of the show is crafted.

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What are the average costs?