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  • Who’s Your Audience? Father’s Day 2023

    Who’s Your Audience? Father’s Day 2023

    3 Min Read “Consumers plan to spend approximately the same amount (in) celebration of Father’s Day…reflecting the sentimental nature of the holidays as customers prioritize unique and meaningful gifts,” said Matthew Shay, Chief Executive Officer, National Retail Federation. Even economic headwinds weren’t strong enough to sway customers from spending over $20 billion on Father’s Day in recent years, and this year, those numbers are looking just as seaworthy. The average person spends $170 on Father’s Day gifts—music to a marketer’s ears, if only they can answer the big question: how do you reach them?  Luckily, our seasonal guide is dedicated to answering that question, with tips and tricks fueled by MNTN Performance TV first-party data insights that will be sure to change the way you approach Dad’s Day this year.  But there’s only so much you can fit in a guide, which is why we thought we’d supplement with some additional segmentation ideas to help you craft the perfect audience strategy this year—and with over 80,000 third-party audiences, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Audience Name: Gen Z Shoppers Audience Provider: Adstra Why they’re valuable: WGen X and Millennials are the biggest Father’s Day shopper group, but don’t forget about Gen Z—capture brand loyalty early on, because the customer lifetime value of this group is huge. Currently they may be only shopping for their dads, but as they mature into the 25-44 year window, they’ll likely be shopping for their spouses, too.  Audience Name: Father’s Day Gift Givers Audience Provider: Comscore Why they’re valuable:  Uncover a treasure trove of new segments with the clever use of a few synonyms, like ‘gift givers’ to your Father’s Day search terms. Another handy tip: Layer this one with the more general ‘Gift Givers’ audience to widen your targeting pool. Audience Name: Sports Networks Audience Provider: Comscore Why they’ve valuable: Our first-party data revealed that sports networks produced the highest ROAS during Father’s Day last year—so why not target viewers on these channels and see if you can turn those sports fans into new loyal customers? Audience Name: Specialty Shoppers Audience Provider: Adstra Why they’re valuable: Unlock another hidden segmentation gem by targeting audiences who are on the hunt for specialty goods and a dad’s day gift with a little bit of je ne sais quoi. Audience Name: Single Dads  Audience Provider: 33AcrossAudienceID Why they’re valuable: A solid strategy this year is to extend your audience strategy beyond the traditional nuclear family—like single dads. The rise of single-family homes has been significant over the last two decades, so you’d be remiss not to include this one in your Father’s Day campaign. Sign Up for the Connected TV ReportSubscribe to the report Apple, Amazon, NBC and more use to get their CTV news.

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  • Your Performance TV Guide to Father’s Day.

    Your Performance TV Guide to Father’s Day.

    Father’s Day was a 20 billion dollar event in 2022. What will this year hold? It’s time to celebrate those father figures in your life, but first, get your campaigns ready for success with our comprehensive guide to using Connected TV for Father’s Day. We’ll cover everything from audience targeting, campaign set up and reporting, and creative best practices. Fill out the form to get access today.

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  • CTV Advertising Attention Time Increases With Age

    CTV Advertising Attention Time Increases With Age

    2 Min Read Viewers are more likely to pay attention to ads on apps that are paid or subscription-based, according to a study conducted by Yahoo and Publicis Media. The paid streaming formats’ average edge in ad attention may have to do with expected trade-off for subscription prices, as the study also found that viewers expect a better ad experience and are more critical of ads on paid streamers. However, nearly half of CTV viewers said they would rather pay less and receive some ads when adding a new streaming service. The study also found that there were some distinctions in how different generations interacted with streaming services. Advertising attention was found to increase with age, and younger CTV viewers were found to be harder to engage. They also differed in their favored kinds of streaming platforms, with viewers under 18 being nearly 50% more likely to spend time with hybrid apps, and those between 18 and 29 nearly 60% more likely. For older generations, FAST platforms are most popular. Ultimately, the study’s findings suggest that it may be possible to use streaming service types to help target viewers based on demographics. Connected TV in the News U.S. Households Spend Almost 6 Minutes Looking for Content to Stream on TVMedia Play NewsAs U.S. consumers increasingly switch to connected televisions, finding something to stream in a sea of content offerings has become a challenge. Time Is Money: CTV Viewers Are Watching More Ad-Supported Than EverMNTN ResearchGood news for brands already advertising on Connected TV: viewers are officially watching more ad-supported CTV content than ad-free. Netflix’s Peter Naylor on New Ad Targeting Capabilities, Its First TV UpfrontsAd AgeThe VP of global advertising sales talks about the streamer’s strategy ahead of negotiations, and Netflix’s advantage over legacy TV. Get the Latest Connected TV News, Right to Your Inbox Why not receive our CTV advertising report, right to your inbox? Just enter your email below and you’ll never be out of the CTV / OTT advertising loop again. Sign Up for the Connected TV ReportSubscribe to the report Apple, Amazon, NBC and more use to get their CTV news.

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  • Who’s Your Audience? President’s Day

    Who’s Your Audience? President’s Day

    3 Min Read You might still be riding the high from yesterday’s Big Game, but we’re looking ahead to the next holiday just around the corner—President’s Day. Your campaigns might be ready to go or already live, but it’s never too late to add some more targeting to spice up a President’s Day sale. Plus, the more you experiment with different audience segments, the more you know about who is truly engaging with your messaging and brand. It’s a win-win, really. So, what do we know about this three-day weekend, besides the fact that we’re all looking forward to sleeping in on Monday? Typically, a three-day weekend like President’s Day gives consumers more time for consideration and action, since big ticket retailers are likely to offer promotions and generous discounts on items like home goods, furniture, large appliances and more. And with inflation being a sore spot for many, you can bet that every dollar that can be saved, matters. Let’s take a look at some audience segments you can apply to your MNTN Performance TV campaigns—or some food for thought for the next long-weekend. Audience Name: President’s Day Audience Provider: Connexity Why they’re valuable: All campaigns should at least have this audience segment in their targeting pool, as they’re actively on the hunt for items over the long weekend. Audience Name: Online – Big Ticket Shopper Audience Provider: MasterCard Why they’re valuable: Being the first major holiday of the year, President’s Day is an ideal time to shop for big-ticket items like furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances, TVs and more.  Audience Name: Valentine’s Day Spenders Audience Provider: Oracle Why they’ve valuable: Yes, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but savvy shoppers know that delayed gratification wins hearts. With inflationary pressures making us think twice about buying full price, it makes sense that consumers are waiting for President’s Day discounts to shop up. Audience Name: Mattress Firm Buyer Propensity Audience Provider: Alliant Why they’re valuable: Mattress purchases typically fall between October and December, but we get it—shoppers’ wallets can look a little empty by the time holiday shopping is over. Which is why many wait until President’s Day weekend to look for their next big bedding purchase.  Audience Name: Black History Month Audience Provider: ComScore Why they’re valuable: President’s Day overlaps with Black History Month, which runs through February. Don’t forget to add this segment to your campaigns to engage shoppers who are making purchases through the month. Audience Name: Singles Audience Provider: OnAudience Why they’re valuable: If the end of year holiday shopping is for friends and family, and Valentine’s Day is for lovers, then President’s Day is a weekend for self-love shopping at a fraction of the price.  Sign Up for the Connected TV ReportSubscribe to the report Apple, Amazon, NBC and more use to get their CTV news.

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  • Who’s Your Audience? The Big Game Edition

    Who’s Your Audience? The Big Game Edition

    3 Min Read Just as we’ve wrapped the last of our ‘Happy New Year’ wishes for the month (yes, even into the third week of January), it’s time to relish in what us advertising folk call the biggest TV advertising moment of the year—The Big Game (you know which one we’re talking about). As of September 2022, US television network Fox Sports announced selling 95% of their advertising inventory ahead of the game, with some ad spots going upwards of $7 million for a 30-second spot. The Big Game is notorious for not just attracting sports fans, but viewers who want to tune into the halftime show and the commercials—studies show that more than 40% of viewers tune in more for the advertisements than the game alone.  Even if you don’t quite have the ad budget to get your commercial during the primest of prime time on February 12, you can still make an impact on Connected TV—with results that last long after football fever wears off. With viewers keeping their eyes glued to the screen over the next few weeks as we countdown to touchdown time, let’s take a look at some audience segments you can apply to your MNTN Performance TV campaigns. Audience Name: Superbowl Celebrators Audience Provider: Cuebiq Why they’re valuable: Talk about casting a wide net! This segment not only captures fans of the game but viewers who visited a bar or grocery store within the first two weeks of February. Audience Name: TV Commercials Audience Provider: ShareThis Why they’re valuable: If you want to reach the 40% of viewers who are waiting to see this year’s biggest ads (some more than the game itself), don’t forget to apply this segment to your campaigns.  Audience Name: Tortilla Chips Audience Provider: IRI Why they’ve valuable: According to the Instacart Snacktime report, 99% of football viewers will purchase chips of some kind be it potato, tortilla or corn, with tortilla chips taking the top three spots. Audience Name: Game Day Fans Audience Provider: Cross Pixel Why they’re valuable: The Big Game is more than just a game—it’s a cultural phenomenon. Reach viewers who follow game day traditions like purchasing tailgating gear, researching game times and more. Audience Name: Fox Audience Provider: ComScore Why they’re valuable: This year, Fox will be broadcasting the Big Game. Target viewers who will be glued to this network, whether they’re watching the game or not. Audience Name: Home Entertaining Audience Provider: ShareThis Why they’re valuable: Last year, 90 million people threw or attended a game day party, with the average person spending $79 on the event instead of dining out. Sign Up for the Connected TV ReportSubscribe to the report Apple, Amazon, NBC and more use to get their CTV news.

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