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  • OTT Vs CTV: Advertising Strategies

    OTT Vs CTV: Advertising Strategies

    The ad industry is full of 3 letter acronyms, and when it comes to spending marketing dollars, we should take a step back and make sure we fully realize what they mean. Sometimes it may become confusing because everyone has their own definitions. The same principle applies to understanding the difference between various advertising strategies,…

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  • 5 Optimal Tips for Successful TV Advertising

    5 Optimal Tips for Successful TV Advertising

    Entrepreneurs have a common goal: to make their brand known. An innovative advertising campaign is a crucial ingredient to achieving this goal. A large TV screen in any living room can be a good link between the target audience and a company’s products/services. But advertising on TV is totally different from other types of brand…

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  • Bus Advertising: Why You Should Consider It!

    Bus Advertising: Why You Should Consider It!

    Experts of Direct-Response Advertising and Video Production GoDRTV is a world-class, award winning infomercial production house and advertising agency and the best kept secret by industry leaders. Small and large businesses from startups to fortune 500 companies look to us to create innovative blended campaigns that stand out, impact audiences and turn consumers into customers. We…

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  • You Wouldn’t Believe It Could Happen, But It Did…

    What is a producer? A producer is a problem solver. What is an editor? An editor can “fix” the problem the producer couldn’t solve.  You wouldn’t believe it could happen, but it did…  We were filming a Dial A Santa series of commercials. After weeks of casting the “perfect” Santa, he showed up at the shoot…

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  • Top 10 Advertising Styles

    Top 10 Advertising Styles

    We are inundated with different advertising styles every day of our lives. They appear on TV, billboards, bus ads, on our mobile devices and occasionally, you’ll even see an ad floating in mid-air pulled by an airplane. Ads are everywhere! Let’s simplify our understanding of ads. If you want to make a video for your…

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