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  • Concepts TV Is Ready For Takeoff!

    Whether you’re looking to create a digital campaign for a great product or a commercial for the next hot tourist location, Concepts TV is ready for takeoff! The Concepts TV team most recently traveled to India to produce a video presentation for The Kripalu Girls School and raised funds as an effort to break the cycle…

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    I am a seasoned commercial TV copywriter with thousands of scripts to my credit. I am also a fervent believer that a well written script is a crucial element necessary when creating TV commercials. However, the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is very true. No matter how well written a script may…

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  • Amazon Ads

    Whether you buy products online or buy at retail, the one player everyone buys from is Amazon. After a very successful multi-platform marketing campaign, the Blue Diamond team from The Cookware Company decided to create an Amazon exclusive offer for their all-new Triple Steel Collection. Utilizing only pre-existing still photography, Concepts created a powerful Amazon…

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