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  • VIDI connected broadcasters for World Cup 2022

    VIDI connected broadcasters for World Cup 2022

    More than 5 billion people watched the Football World Cup 2022: The live matches and reports reached TV screens via fibre optic connections set up and operated by VIDI, a German service provider in the field of broadcasting and telecommunications technology.The global fibre optic network connected the IBC International Broadcast Centre in Doha, Qatar, with broadcasters, media companies and telecommunications companies all over the world. The transmissions reached the rights holders via hubs in Frankfurt, London and Singapore.All 64 World Cup matches in HD and Ultra HD (UHD) quality, match reports, interviews, reporter footage and other material were distributed via the fully redundant network, which had a total bandwidth of 1 terabyte. In total, hundreds of petabytes of data were transferred to the recipients during the tournament.A multi-level security system protected the broadcasters from signal outages. The redundancy concept included disjunctive routing, supplementary emergency lines and automatic and coordinated emergency switching options based on the VIDI NMS (Network Management System). The network was operated from a NOC (Network Operations Centre) set up for the event in Doha and a backup NOC in Darmstadt. All equipment was consistently redundant.“Setting up a worldwide fibre optic network for live TV from the sporting event of the year poses numerous challenges, such as the homogeneous management of hardware from a wide range of manufacturers, distributed over several continents, as well as maximum protection against signal losses,” said Karsten Winterberg, Managing Director of VIDI. “With our many years of experience, we were able to guarantee quality, stability and security. This paid off when, among other issues, there was a major submarine cable failure during the World Cup, which we were able to completely absorb through our redundancies and backup paths.”Related

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  • Halloween Tricks & Treats!

    With Halloween right around the corner, you may be preparing to host a spooktacular Halloween party. Hosting a party can be a lot of work. From decorating the outside and inside of your house, preparing food and drinks, and planning fun party activities, it takes quite a lot to be the head witch in charge. That’s why our team at Concepts TV is excited to share some of our favorite products we’ve produced for a variety of our scariest clients!  An important part of being a great party host is the food you serve for your guests. With All Star Marketing’s Clever Cutter, you can serve spooky snacks with ease. The two-in-one knife and cutting board device can slice a wide range of foods in seconds. Two spooky snack ideas by Clever Cutter include Spider Cakes and Apple Monsters. With Clever Cutter, the black licorice legs for the spider cakes can be cut in half with ease, and the strawberry tongues for the apple monsters can be cut perfectly thin. “Wow” your guests with hauntingly good snacks in half the time with Clever Cutter!    When it comes to decorating for Halloween, it seems like all the focus typically goes towards making the outside of your house look like the most haunted on the block. But what about the inside of your house? With Ontel Products’ Glow Candles, you can make your home spooky on the inside too! Made with LED lights, the candle stays cool to the touch, making it safe to have around trick-or-treaters and party-goers alike. Glow Candles come with a remote control featuring 12 color options and illumination adjustment, perfect for matching to the colors of your Halloween party and keeping the lights dim for a spooky effect.  Want to make your Halloween party unforgettable? Try Southern Telecom’s Karaoke Duet, the fun, easy, and wireless way to bring your party guests together. The microphones connect to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can sing along to your Halloween party playlist with friends! With buttons for microphone volume, music level, and an option to add reverb, you will be sounding scary good.    Decorating for Halloween can be a hassle. Untangling wires for spooky lights can take hours, and those spider web decorations on the front bushes get ruined in the weather. Want a decoration that is easy to use and won’t take hours to set up? Try TeleBrand’s Star Shower Slide Show! Simply set up the device in your front yard, insert the slide of your choice, and watch the animations dance across the front of your house. The Star Shower Slide show is a unique way to get in the Halloween spirit, and your house will definitely stand out from the other haunted houses on your street! Click to Watch: The Best Zombie Video From Concepts TV!

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