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  • Hooray Heroes Tells a Tale of Strong Performance and Growth with MNTN

    Hooray Heroes Tells a Tale of Strong Performance and Growth with MNTN

    Gearing up for one of their most profitable seasons, Hooray Heroes used Performance TV to launch two CTV campaigns with differing goals. Six weeks before Father’s Day, they launched their first Performance TV retargeting campaign. They utilized MNTN’s easy-to-use segmentation tool to build audiences from first-party data and engage consumers who had previously interacted with their brand. From there, Hooray Heroes set their sights on attracting and driving new business through a  robust prospecting campaign. Performance TV’s integration with Oracle Data Cloud and other trusted data providers provided them with multiple useful audience segments to target including: Father’s Day Shoppers, Men’s Apparel Shoppers, Recreation Shoppers and Moms Who Shop. Due to the seasonality of their business, Hooray Heroes needed to switch out their ad creative often. Performance TV’s easy-to-use ad builder let Hooray Heroes change creative whenever necessary—enabling them to efficiently align seasonal messaging with various target audiences.

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  • Houston Hyundai Auto Group Drives Business and Quality Web Traffic With MNTN

    Houston Hyundai Auto Group Drives Business and Quality Web Traffic With MNTN

    MNTN’s powerful reporting dashboards enabled Watts to accurately track campaign performance—he was happy with what he saw. Since launching their Performance TV campaigns, Houston Hyundai Auto Group experienced a whopping 81% month-over-month (MoM) improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) and a 15% MoM improvement in cost per visit (CPV). Additionally, site visits went up by 11% and average raw conversions increased by 24%. These results show that Watts has achieved his goal of reaching audiences who are: 1. likely to engage and/or 2. ready to buy. The auto group’s direct traffic was positively affected as well. They decided to pause their Performance TV campaigns in January 2023 and experienced a notable decrease in the number of people visiting the dealerships—it bounced back when the campaigns were reactivated. On the flip side, when two of their locations were under construction, MNTN enabled them to continue to generate business. Performance TV not only proved to be a successful channel on its own, but it also strengthened other marketing efforts. After starting CTV advertising with MNTN, the auto group saw significant improvements in their paid social media campaigns. For instance, average session duration increased by 118% and average bounce rates decreased by 22%. Because of the success of their Performance TV campaigns, Watts decided to keep Houston Hyundai Auto Group’s ads running on an evergreen basis throughout the year.

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  • Painting with a Twist Creates a CTV Advertising Performance Masterpiece With MNTN

    Painting with a Twist Creates a CTV Advertising Performance Masterpiece With MNTN

    Painting with a Twist approached their inaugural CTV campaigns with a focused, full-funnel strategy. They first launched Performance TV prospecting to ensure their messaging reached new customers. This was layered with MNTN’s Oracle Data Cloud integration to target specialized consumer segments including: Women Shoppers, Event-goers, Wine Enthusiasts, Arts and Crafts, Painting and Drawing, Valentine’s Day Spenders, Date Night and more. They simultaneously served a retargeting campaign to customers who had already engaged with their brand. Painting with a Twist geo-targeted people living in zip codes within a certain parameter of their various store locations. This ensured that only viewers who were most likely to visit Painting with a Twist would see their ads—driving a significant increase in conversion rate (more on this below). To further bolster their full-funnel efforts, they used MNTN’s CRM capabilities to upload first-party data to Performance TV. This targeted customers who had previously RSVP’d and/or attended a “Date Night Painting Event” from 2021-2022. Painting with a Twist knew that various seasons drove heightened business and used this to their advantage. Over the last year, they experimented with creative variations in their CTV ads, such as updating end cards for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the winter holidays. The ease of testing different audience groups and ad creative on Performance TV enabled them to fully understand what worked best to achieve their business goals. MNTN’s detailed reporting showed which consumer segments and messaging drove top performance—allowing Painting with a Twist to confidently make informed campaign decisions moving forward.

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  • Healthcare Service Beats CPA Goal by 83% and Acquires More Customers With MNTN

    Healthcare Service Beats CPA Goal by 83% and Acquires More Customers With MNTN

    Excited to reach new potential customers on CTV, the virtual healthcare service launched a Performance TV prospecting campaign. While they had a number of different offerings to promote, they focused the majority of their budget on their most popular product—birth control. Simultaneously, they launched messaging focused on acne treatments. MNTN’s comprehensive audience building capabilities enabled the healthcare service to accurately target a variety of segments including: New Parents, Women’s Health and Skin Care Shoppers. The healthcare service then shifted their focus to retargeting users who had previously engaged with their brand. With MNTN’s segmentation tool, they easily built an audience from first-party data of consumers who had visited at least two pages on their website within the last 30 days. Additionally, MNTN  Performance TV allowed them to accurately geotarget consumers only within states of operation. By advertising specifically to customers in markets where their product is available, the healthcare service reduced the number of wasted impressions. The healthcare service found an unexpected benefit from Performance TV in creative testing. MNTN’s A/B testing feature allowed the service to understand which ads performed best. From this data they were able to decide which ads to use—not only on CTV, but on other marketing channels as well. Speaking of creative—the healthcare service turned to QuickFrame by MNTN to help with the development of their CTV advertisements. Through the QuickFrame marketplace, they found world class video creators who produced high-quality video ads that drove top performance.

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  • Popular Pet Supplies Retailer Adds MNTN to Advertising Mix, Exceeding All Performance Goals

    Popular Pet Supplies Retailer Adds MNTN to Advertising Mix, Exceeding All Performance Goals

    MNTN’s performance approach to advertising appealed to the retailer and Performance TV proved a good complement to what they already had in market. On top of this, MNTN’s ease of use allowed the retailer to onboard a new platform without the process becoming burdensome—they found the setup so easy and efficient that they added their media agency as well. Performance TV’s robust audience building enabled the pet supplies retailer to reach their ideal customers. Due to MNTN’s partnership with Oracle Data Cloud, the retailer easily targeted segments such as New Pet Owners, Dog Owners, Pet Store Shoppers and Purchasers of Cat Food and Supplies. Messaging to a variety of consumer groups became an integral part of the retailer’s prospecting campaign—Performance TV allowed them to test different audiences and see which were driven to action. Based on these learnings, the pet supplies retailer adjusted targeting strategy, ad creative, goals and other factors in real time. This test and learn approach gave the retailer full control of their prospecting campaign, enabling them to drive top performance results (more on this below). With Performance TV’s comprehensive reporting, the pet supplies retailer accurately tracked campaign results and made pointed changes based on what they found. They found MNTN’s network-level reporting extremely useful—the insights gleaned from this data enabled them to understand which audiences drive the best performance, while proving out campaign success.

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